Steven Cohen

Horn Performance - Education - Scholarship


Cruise Control is the culmination collaborative project between Steven Cohen and five living American composers (James Naigus, Jenni Brandon, Adam Wolf, Wayne Lu, and Gina Gillie) to create, record, and premier five commissioned compositions for the horn. This diverse and incredibly talented group of composers each brought forth their unique voice in creating a new, major work for the horn. Throughout his career, Cohen has been fortunate to perform a copious amount of music by composers who, unfortunately, are largely unrecognized. His aspiration for this project was to bring about new, challenging repertoire that will weather the test of time and take its place in the oeuvre. These five composers and their works barely scratch the surface of the rich talent in the United States; this project will hopefully increase global awareness of 21st-century horn music. To be able to create a repertoire for the 21st century from 21st century was an unfathomable journey and tremendous honor.

Please watch the behind the scenes video below to get a sneak peek at the creation of this album, set to the album's title track, Cruise Control for Horn, Piano, and Percussion by Adam Wolf. Videography by Chris Holtmeier of Foton-Foto and editing by Bill Harvat of Harvat Productions. 

To purchase the album, click the album cover below the video or follow this link: